Email, unexpected

Full of features you didn’t know you needed,
but you won’t be able to live without.

The HEY Calendar
The HEY Calendar is a full-featured calendar with many original twists on common — and not so common — conventions. Soon you’ll wonder why all calendars don’t work like this.
Screen emails like you screen calls
You screen your calls, so why can’t you screen your emails? With HEY, you can. HEY puts you in complete control of who’s allowed to email you. The first time someone emails you, you get to decide if you want to hear from them again.
Exclusive to HEY for You
Send an email to the web
Personal publishing has never been easier. Send an email to from your personal HEY account to publish it on a webpage that the whole world can see. People can subscribe via email, or follow along via RSS.
The Imbox: It’s not a typo
Everyone hates their bloated inbox, so HEY has a focused Imbox instead. Your Imbox is where important, immediate emails go from people or services you care about. No random receipts, no “I rarely read these” newsletters, and no special offers crowding out the stuff you really care about.
Track an email’s progress through stages
Things get messy when you’re handling a situation with numerous email threads and multiple steps. With HEY, you can use Workflows to define stages and visually track an email’s progress through a multi-step process.
Add a simple, searchable note to any contact
Need to remember details about a contact? Where you met, their phone number, when to follow-up, etc. Contact Notes are a great way to document details about a contact without having to go digging through your emails.
Quiet by default, loud at your discretion
HEY push notifications are off by default so your phone doesn’t steal your attention every time an inconsequential email hits your Imbox. However, HEY lets you selectively turn them on for specific contacts or threads so you don’t miss the things you really care about.
A “Reply Later” workflow built-in
What if you need to reply, but you don’t have time right now? With HEY, just click the “Reply Later” button to move an email to a dedicated “Reply Later” pile at the bottom of the screen so you don’t lose or forget it.
Just set it aside
Sometimes you get emails you need to reference later — travel info, handy links, numbers you need, etc. With HEY, you can “Set Aside” any email in a neat little pile for easy access whenever you need it. At hand, but out of your face.
Blocking email spies 24-7-365
Many companies track which emails you open, how often you open them, and even where you were when you opened them. It’s a massive invasion of your privacy. HEY blocks these trackers and tells you who’s spying on you.
E pluribus unum
Doesn’t it suck when someone emails you separate threads about the same thing? Yup! With HEY, you can merge separate emails into one so you can keep everything together on a single page. No more dealing with fragmented conversations across separate threads.
Add some style to your Imbox with Cover Art
HEY is all about letting it flow, but some folks prefer an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. That’s where Cover Art comes in. Choose a style or upload your own image, and a cover will slide up over your previously seen emails. It’s a great way to add some life to your Imbox.
Link accounts and see all your email in one place
If you have multiple HEY accounts — like one for personal use and one for work — you can view them together without having to log in and out. Personal emails are marked with a ▲, work ones with a ◼️.
Spread ’em out, read ’em together
Let’s say you have 7 unread emails. Why do you have to open one, close one, open one, close one, open one, close one, and so on. It’s ridiculously inefficient. With HEY, you can open multiple emails at once and just scroll through them, just like you would a newsfeed. It’s a revolutionary way to read your emails. You’ll never go back to the old way.
Collaborate with Collections
Projects get done over email all the time, but they’re often comprised of multiple threads with a bunch of different recipients. That gets messy quickly — especially when you need to share stuff, or handoff to another team. Collections let you combine multiple threads on a single page and give it all a name. And if you use HEY for Domains you can share everything with a single invite. It’s a massive sanity saver.
Focus & Reply: Line ’em up, knock ’em down
You’ve finally got 30 minutes to knock out the 12 emails that need a reply. But new stuff keeps popping into your inbox. It’s so hard to focus! But not with HEY. HEY allows you to “Focus & Reply” which only shows you emails you’ve marked “Reply Later”. And then it lets you reply to one after another without having to look back at your Imbox. It’s amazing.
Bundle dominating senders into one line
It’s frustrating when a service floods your email with notifications. With HEY, you can bundle any sender’s emails together. No matter how many emails they send you, they’ll only take up a single row in your Imbox or Paper Trail.
Send massive files without using other apps
Sending big files via email is a hassle. You usually have to use Dropbox, yousendit, WeTransfer, or something like that. Nonsense. With HEY, just attach the file and we’ll send the recipient a direct link to download it.
Surface bits, don’t dig for them
Need quick access to a phone number, a link, address, or confirmation number that’s buried deep in an email thread? With HEY, you can “clip” any text and add it to your Clips Library for immediate, anytime reference without having to frantically dig for it when you need it.
The Speakeasy code
Sometimes you give someone your email at a conference — maybe a prospect, maybe a vendor — and you want to be sure to know when they email you. With HEY, you can give them your special Speakeasy code. If they include that code in the subject, their email will bypass the screener and be given special treatment in your Imbox so you don’t miss it.
Stick it to an email
Everyone else can put stuff in your inbox, but you can’t. But with HEY you can. HEY lets you add personal sticky notes to any email in your Imbox. They’re great for jotting down phone numbers, dates, addresses, links, and personal, private thoughts you’ll need next time you reference that email.
Exclusive to HEY for Domains
Collaborate without the CCs and side-threads
Teams use email to collaborate all the time, but it’s frustrating at best. CC’s, FWD’s, and side threads make all but the simplest conversations a hassle to piece back together. With HEY, you can share any thread with other people on your team, and they’ll see the whole conversation plus any future replies. You can even add private comments that only your team can see, ensuring that the entire conversation is always in one place.
Send from an external email address using SMTP
Now you can send email from your address plus external email addresses, domains hosted elsewhere, work accounts on other systems, etc.
Exclusive to HEY for You
Add private “notes to self” to any email thread
Conversations may start in email, but they may continue somewhere else. Some emails turn into lunches or calls or video conferences. Where do you put the notes from those — especially if they relate to the initial email conversation? With HEY, you can add personal, private notes (and files) to any thread. This way you keep everything related to the conversation on one page, even if it didn’t all happen via email.
New For You & Previously Seen
Inboxes are often an intertwined mess of new and old messages haphazardly mixed together. Yuck. With HEY, new messages are always grouped together at the top, and previously seen emails are always at the bottom. It’s neat, it’s predictable, it’s orderly, and it’s automatic in HEY.
A love letter to newsletters
Newsletters are great, but they can get in the way of more important emails. So HEY has a separate, dedicated space where they can shine called The Feed. The Feed shows all of your newsletters — already open — with the newest at the top. Just scroll to read. It’s like a Twitter or Instagram feed, but for email.
Put receipts in the Paper Trail
Receipts, confirmations, and transactional emails getting in your way? With HEY, you can send those types of emails to the Paper Trail where they’ll be out of your way, but easy to find when you need them.
Set emails to Bubble Up to the top of your Imbox
You know how sometimes you get an email now, that you don’t really need until later? With HEY, you can use “Bubble Up” to put an email away for a while and then have it float back up to the top of your Imbox.
Get off threads without having to ask
Stuck on a mega email chain and want off? Good luck asking someone to remove you. With HEY, you can unfollow any thread and replies won’t show up as new emails anymore. Out of your face forever.
Secure by design
Email’s the skeleton key to your digital life, so HEY goes to great lengths to keep you protected. From strong password requirements, to mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all paying customers, to supporting hardware security keys and fingerprint readers, HEY’s got your back.
Exclusive to HEY for Domains
Easily add sales@, info@, press@, etc addresses
HEY’s Extensions are perfect for groups like support or sales teams where multiple people handle emails that are sent to a single address. After you create an Extension, everyone involved will see emails sent to the group address, as well as any replies and private comments from teammates.
Autorespond when you’re away, out, etc.
Away on vacation, out of the office, or otherwise unavailable for a while? Just flip the switch on HEY’s autoresponder, add a personal away message, and HEY will automatically reply to the sender on your behalf.
Send the same reply to multiple emails
Have you ever wanted to send the same reply to a bunch of emails all at once? Now you can, and HEY makes it super easy with Reply to Everyone.
Share an email via a link
With HEY, you can share a direct link to any email thread with anyone you’d like — even if they don’t use HEY. They’ll see the whole thread, and any future emails/replies sent to that thread, all on a nicely formatted single page.
HEY Spam Corps: Enlist in the fight against spam
HEY’s spam filters catch spam so you never have to see it, but sometimes spam sneaks through. With your help, we can improve. When you join the HEY Spam Corps you’ll unlock a new button to mark emails as spam right in The Screener. We’ll use that feedback to improve HEY’s spam filtering.
Fix bad subjects without busting threads
If you don’t start the thread, you’re often stuck with other people’s generic, non-descriptive email subjects. With HEY, you can rename a subject so it makes sense for you without changing things for the other person.
Find files without digging through threads
If you’re looking for an attachment, why should you have to find an email first? That’s backwards. With HEY, you get an attachment library that gathers up every attachment you’ve ever received in one organized, siftable place.