Get off threads
without having to ask

Stuck on a mega email chain and want off? Good luck asking someone to remove you. With HEY, you can unfollow any thread and replies won’t show up as new emails anymore. Out of your face forever.

But I can still see the emails, right?

Yes, definitely. Every new reply to that thread still comes into HEY, and still gets added to the thread’s page. The difference is it doesn’t keep nagging you by popping into New For You. Essentially it’s updated quietly in the background without bothering you.

Can I change my mind later?

Yes. Just go to the thread, click the “••• More” button at the bottom, and then you can follow the thread again. Now it’ll come back into New For You next time there’s an update.

Why not just delete the email?

You can, but of course the next time someone else on that email chain replies, the thread would pop right back in your inbox. Unfollowing a thread keeps it out of your face no matter who else responds. You get what you want without having to ask anyone else to change their behavior.