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Email the web

Now blogging is as easy as emailing world@hey.com.

Personal publishing gets the HEY treatment. Write something wonderful to the World Wide Web today at world@hey.com.

It’s 2024, and setting up a blog and email newsletter is still way too hard. You either have to set up a website which is a whole thing, or use a separate service that’s expensive, cumbersome, bloated, or all of the above.

On the other hand, sending an email is easy. Address it, write email, send. That’s when it occurred to us; you can email one person, a few people, or even an entire company. Why can’t you just email the web? Why do we have to do this whole separate thing to put words on the internet? With HEY World, you don’t.

to: world@hey.com

If you’re a HEY for You customer, start a new email, and put “world@hey.com” in the “to” field. The glow is how you know you’re writing to the world.

Addressing an email to the world in HEY

Address an email
to world@hey.com

Write + Send = Posted

Write your email just like any other email in HEY. Once you press send we take your email and post it to world.hey.com/you/your-post-title. Super clean, no trackers, cookies, or javascript. Just your words in all their speedy glory.

A public HEY World post

Your email on the Internet

Your own HEY World URL

Once you write your first HEY World email, you’ll get a “world.hey.com/you” page (with the “/you” part being the same as the beginning of your @hey.com email address). The page lists everything you’ve written, along with a way for people to subscribe via email or grab the RSS feed.

Your HEY World index page with a form to subscribe to email notifications

Followers can get updates
via email or RSS

HEY World FAQs

Can I CC or BCC world@hey.com?

No. World@hey.com needs to be the first and only address in the “to” field.

Can I post if I don’t use HEY?

No. HEY World is only available to HEY for You personal email customers. You need a @hey.com address to use HEY World.

Does HEY World cost extra?

No. HEY World is included with your HEY for You account. And HEY World only works with paid HEY accounts, not trials.

Is HEY World available on trial accounts?

No. HEY World only works with paid HEY accounts in good standing, not trials.

Does HEY World work with HEY for Domains?

No. Currently HEY World is only available on personal HEY for You accounts. We may introduce it on HEY for Domains accounts down the road, but we’re undecided at the moment.

Do you have systems in place to deal with abuse?

Yes. Every HEY World post is subject to our use restrictions policy. You can report violations to report@37signals.com.

What if I have more questions?

Send us an email at support@hey.com and we’ll help you out.