Google reads your email more than you do

“Free” email isn’t free — it’s expensive.

HEY’s in the business of selling an email service, not mining
your data, extracting personal information, or advertising.

Gmail vs. HEY

Everyone knows that Gmail extracts data from your email, but thanks to a recent iOS change, it’s now spelled out in appalling detail. Compare Gmail’s privacy labels from their iOS app store listing to the same screen for HEY:

Gmail’s privacy labels

Gmail’s privacy labels from the iOS app store listing

HEY’s privacy labels

HEY’s privacy labels from the iOS app store listing

Look at all the data
HEY doesn’t extract and sell!

Quite the contrast. If they can sell it, Gmail extracts it. Your personal information fuels their algorithm, which, in turn, allows them to extract even more. Your purchases, your location, the content of your email, your photos, audio, video, your search history, and “other data types”. The works. What was privately yours, is now theirs. And what do you get for it? “Free” email? That’s not a fair trade. You’re worth much more than that.

HEY on the other hand only accesses the data we need to in order to run an email service. And we don’t sell it, ever, under any circumstances. All we ask is a fair price with no strings attached, secret motives, or black box algorithms. If you’d rather be a customer instead of a resource to be mined, give HEY a try. And on top of all that. HEY’s better email anyway. Win-win.