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HEY is for everyone.

We’re working hard to make sure HEY is accessible to anyone who’d like to use it and in step with the latest web guidelines.

If only all software companies involved their users in the development process as much as this the world would be a much more accessible place.

- Scott Ballard-Ridley

As a blind person who uses a screen reader, I greatly appreciate that the Hey Mail team makes accessibility a priority.

- Louis Lucero

Our approach to accessibility

Inclusive and accessible design isn’t a one-time checkbox, it’s a commitment to making sure everything we ship works well for all of our customers. Here’s how we do it.

To-do, and to-done

We’ve shipped a ton of great accessibility improvements, but there’s more to do. Here are the broad strokes of what we’ve done since HEY launched and the big ticket items we’re still working on.

Suggested screen reader setup

For the best experience, we recommend using the HEY desktop app along with your preferred screen reader. Don’t forget to bookmark our handy keyboard shortcut reference guide!

Questions? Accessibility concerns?
Reach out to us at

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