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The current state of accessibility for HEY, and future plans.

The HEY of today represents a “version 1” culmination of two years of effort. It is far from complete. We know there are many areas in which we can make the software better and fully inclusive — especially in terms of accessibility. We have full WCAG AA 2.1 compliance as our target and commit to improving HEY until we get there.

First principles

Current accessibility review process

At Basecamp, our Accessibility Lead is also our Quality Assurance Lead, Michael Berger. Michael works with a team at Aspiritech to to test every new feature and workflow before it is shipped. Michael has also developed — and continues to maintain — an internal Accessibility Handbook as a resource for designers.

The following outlines some of the ways we review the accessibility of new features and flows:

Future plans for accessibility improvements

Feedback and support

If you have suggestions or would like to share accessibility concerns you have with HEY, please reach out to us at

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