HEY thanks!

Your kind words and support mean so much to our team. We promise to always do our best for you. 🙏❤️

Pulled the trigger and switched to @heyhey as my primary email away from gmail. Good job @dhh and @jasonfried. It’s rare that I pay for online services. Mempko
I’ve literally been using HEY for less than an hour and I’m pretty sure I’m head over heels in ❤️ with it. Amazing pivot on email @jasonfried and @dhh!! Bravo! Rachel Davis
Finally got my HEY invite. Five minutes into using it and I’m ready to move completely off Gmail and iCloud. Yet another great example of how small tech can indeed out-innovate big tech. Well done @basecamp @dhh @jasonfried! Jason Turan
Got myself a HEY email address, one that hopefully won’t be quite so difficult to spell out as my first name and last name. Looking forward to this experience a lot! So far, impressions are very good! @dhh @jasonfried fantastic work from the Basecamp team! Katherine Cramer
Probably one of the easiest buying decisions I’ve ever made! Thank you @heyhey @jasonfried @dhh for providing such a good product! Torben
Pulled trigger on HEY. Waited 2d after trial ended but missed it greatly. Huge time saver, email process the right way. Respect the culture @jasonfried @dhh have built (modeling our own after it). If I can learn more by using HEY, it’s worth multiples of its annual fee. Dan Cosgrove
It‘s Christmas time 🎉. Got my invitation code for HEY So happy and looking forward to experience the new way of doing Emails. Thanks to @dhh, @jasonfried, @jonasdowney and the @basecamp Team for getting me so excited. Waiting was worth it 👌🏼 Simon Öfner
Celebrating my next level of performance. Just upgraded with HEY. Thank you @dhh and @jasonfried — love my experience so far. Silke Zanker
Dear @dhh and @jasonfried, I hate you. You’ve made me love email. Bunch of jerks. Mike Tanner
Great onboarding experience with HEY, nicely done @dhh @jasonfried, and the whole @basecamp Team! 🙏 Kiran
@dhh @jasonfried wow I just got my invite code… I cannot believe how smooth the UI is especially on mobile screen! More amazing is the quick loading of different pages — it’s like instant load. Great work @basecamp team. Imad Sabonji
Didn’t expect my HEY invite today and it’s living nicely on my dock. Such a fantastic email experience. Happily support the great work @jasonfried @dhh and the entire @basecamp team! Caleb
After using HEY for email for the past couple weeks. I just love it. Reply Later is awesome. Helps me focus. Jethrojones
You have made a great product. It is so well designed. Take my money. Using Outlook for work after using HEY is like pulling teeth. The wisdom in design
Finally, I got on HEY I must say the design looks flawless, enjoying it a lot so far. If somebody wants to “hey” me, you can do it — nikolay.tsanov@hey.com, surprised that somebody already took nikolay@hey.com. Thanks @dhh @jasonfried @jonasdowney and rest 🙏 Nikolay Tsanov
Love, customer for life. I can only imagine what they will do from here ✨ Adelle Charles
In the past 15 years, we have been heavy Gmail users. Call it early adopters. It was free and exciting. But this is a new era, and @jasonfried and @dhh just fixed email 🔥 We understand that there’s no such thing as free. You pay with your data! Stoked with the invitation🤙 guys! livethelifetv.eth
HEY, this finally feels like email designed in 2020! 👏 Loving the onboarding experience, setting up forwarding now; annoying sellers shall not pass the screener! 🙅‍♀️ Thanks, @jasonfried @dhh & the rest of the @basecamp team! 🙏 Alja Isakovic
I got my HEY invite while waiting for my first haircut in 5 months. Guess which one I’m more excited about?! Never thought I’d be excited to check my inbox when I get home! @jasonfried @dhh Peter Nguyen
Just got my invite to try out @dhh and @jasonfried’s HEY. Someone had to change the way we think about email, and they nailed it! Oscar Peña
@jasonfried I’m several minutes into “Take a tour of HEY” on YouTube after setting up my email, thanks for invite and have to say, “Wow!” Seriously! Awesome! Randy Castillo
It has taken me just half a day to become a new HEY customer. I’m already convinced that HEY will save plenty of hours of my time. Multiple times what it costs (if you value your time!). Great product @dhh and @jasonfried Jordi Cabot
Yay 😀 finally my HEY is working 🎉 Thanks ⁦@jasonfried⁩ ⁦@dhh⁩ and of course the whole ⁦@basecamp⁩ team!!! Starting right away to forward all my emails to HEY and enjoy email again. moisesbm
I just received my invite to use HEY and is awesome!! Thank you so much and congrats for the work @dhh, @jasonfried, and @basecamp! Breno Moura
HEY! Finally got my account and boy what an onboarding ! Hit me up at jthomas@hey.com / Congrats for the email REWORK, will greatly ease REMOTE work and a perfect tool to SHAPE UP ! Thanks @jasonfried @dhh @rjs and the @basecamp team! Jérémie Thomas
12 hours into using HEY, and it’s clear that it’s one of those rare products that’s valuable through making it easy to do less. Less reading, searching, categorizing, blocking, remembering, worrying, and less wasted time. Well done @dhh, @jasonfried and everyone at Basecamp! 💌 Mike Carter
HEY, I’ve been using HEY for exactly 1 day and I already can’t stand to use Gmail for work. I use priority inbox and keep marking unread important stuff all the damn time! Thanks @jasonfried and @dhh Tiago Peixoto
12 hours into using HEY, and it’s clear that it’s one of those rare products that’s valuable through making it easy to do less. Less reading, searching, categorizing, blocking, remembering, worrying, and less wasted time. Well done @dhh, @jasonfried and everyone at Basecamp! 💌 Mike Carter
Just paid for @heyhey email after a great experience during the trial. Bundles, renaming threads, and big time-saver with “Read Together” have been quite powerful. Serge Doubinski
Perks of having an uncommon name. I got jaye@hey.com. It rhymes 🎶 The onboarding experience was smooth, the app is VERY fast ⚡️ Currently exploring all that HEY has to offer. @dhh @jasonfried @basecamp great job on sending out invite codes quickly! Jaye Hernandez
While HEY email takes a bit of time to get used to, it’s such a fantastic experience! Email hasn’t been so empty and quiet in years. Kudos to @dhh, @jasonfried, and the whole @basecamp team! Can’t wait for the business version! Taras Zubyak
Gotta admit — I haven’t been this excited to change my email workflow since… the original gmail beta 16 years ago? Taking HEY out for a spin this week — really impressed by how real world user-centric the service is! Also, @jasonfried and @dhh occupy 17% of my b-school bookshelf. Andy Yen
My hey email: omar.nasr@hey.com. Why am I comfortable giving you that. Its because hey allows you to approve or deny what emails come to your “Imbox”. I like the simplicity of the UI and the on-boarding experience is fantastic. Well done @dhh @jasonfried and team Omar Nasr
Just created my brand spankin’ new HEY email account. Thank you @jasonfried, @dhh, and @basecamp for giving us an email service provider that doesn’t sell our personal information and provides a calm, intuitive user experience. Jennifer Taylor Chan
Finally got my HEY invite. Five minutes into using it and I’m ready to move completely off Gmail and iCloud. Yet another great example of how small tech can indeed out-innovate big tech. Well done @basecamp @dhh @jasonfried! Jason Turan
After only a week of trialing HEY I am absolutely sold. Now when I wake up in the morning I don’t start the day with 10+ unread emails. I find myself checking my email less and browsing the marketing crap only once a day. Absolutely worth it. Jared White
Wow wow wow wow I’m in love 😍 Ma. Cristina Cordova
During all the buzz, I got my HEY invitation today. Feels like a fresh and unique approach by @dhh @jasonfried to decluttering your email client and boost productivity. Two features I really loved are The Screener and The Reply Later. Jim Raptis
I just got a HEY invite. The product overview by @jasonfried basically has me sold. There are some really intriguing product design decisions. Can’t lie though, I’ll have to get used to the UI, but I’m excited to dive in and get my hands dirty. Stephen Asonye
@jasonfried @dhh oh my god. I got an invite finally today earlier. Secured amits@hey.com — though couldn’t get only my name. But no problem! I am happy. Excellent job done @basecamp team — was never excited this while exploring web app :-) Amit
Got my HEY invite but couldn’t secure remi@hey.com. So I had to go for the next best thing: 2 first letters of my first & last names 😛 Thx @jasonfried, @dhh & @basecamp team for kicking the anthill and making email exciting again 🙌 Remi Knudsen Allegre
Just started exploring HEY and so far it’s a really well thought of product. Focus & Reply, set aside and feed are really useful features. @dhh @jasonfried really good stuff, emails looking slick and colorful.Time to try screener, send emails to talha@hey.com Talha Izhar
Genuinely and unexpectedly impressed!🤩😀😍 Screening is brilliant but the weirdest thing is that privacy is actually something you enjoy after you have been given the option! Thank you @dhh and @jasonfried!!! 🙏 Katerina Limpitsouni
Thanks @jasonfried and @dhh for producing email at next level. Signed up and paid for a year within 15 minutes. My new email for work + freelancing is now jamesperkins@hey.com James Perkins
I never thought I’d use “magical” to describe email, but HEY is pretty magical. If you wondered what an email client would look like if you built it around how you actually wanted to interact with emails, this is it. Hat tip, @jasonfried @dhh. Lars Schmidt
Excited to try my HEY trial! Even after just a few minutes I can understand the benefits and I am enjoying the friendly & obvious design. Forwarded all my gmail there and will give it a try for a few days but it looks great! Nice work @jasonfried and @dhh. Paul Carpenter
And one more thing. The HEY web site is brilliant. The way you explain the “WHY?” behind the product is just spot on. The problem is, we, developers always know WHY we do what we do, we know why we build things the way we do… But you’ve got this great way of explaining it! Michael Sliwinski
Just received my HEY! invite as I was finishing the tour. Great timing! Already set up and I love it! Can’t wait to use it for @RunyanCPA business email when it’s available. It’s a game changer for sure. Thanks @basecamp @jasonfried @dhh Jonathan Runyan
Paid for an email service (HEY) for the first time in my life and weirdly enough, I am happy! Thanks @jasonfried @dhh and team for a quality product! Ganesh Sundaresan
Finally got my invite to HEY email!!! Blazing fast in all the environments! Congrats @dhh @jasonfried Riccardo Merolla
Special birthday gift: my HEY invite just arrived. Thanks @jasonfried and @dhh, getting more privacy and better email experience for my next decade is exactly what I need :-) Bernard Lambeau
The four sweetest words I can think of to start off this week. Thanks @jasonfried and the amazing @basecamp team for the HEY invite. I cannot wait to go all in on this tremedous product. (Plus, I got the email address I wanted too!)The joy is palpable. Bodie Quirk
I’ve needed 10 minutes in free trial before upgrading to a full account. I never imagined that email could be actually an enjoying experience, instead of a time-consuming mess crowded with ads. I don’t see myself going back to gmail. Ever. Thank you @heyhey team. 💜 Roberto Díaz
Just got my HEY invitation… setup was a breeze & I looking forward to like loving email again… now I just need to decide if I cancel my custom domain on Google & swap the spend… rather give the revenue to @dhh and @jasonfried Ben Rust
Set up my HEY email address. I have to say, their onboarding experience is really good. Helpful step-by-step instructions without too much hand-holding. Great work @jasonfried and @dhh. Excited to begin using this as my primary non-work email system. James Eaton
Got a chance to use HEY at last. Just when you’d think emails might be consigned to oblivion, people like @jasonfried & @dhh reanimate a sleeping giant to relevance. Pratham
Outstanding product. Makes email a joy as opposed to an annoying chore. Bilal
My invite for HEY arrived and I’m thrilled. Need to unlearn legacy email and its just pure joy @dhh @jasonfried Thomas Schneider
Am a happy user of HEY and just bought it…Email is a crucial part of the #openweb to invest in & already feels good to be away from gmail’s spying eyes… Thx to @dhh @jasonfried and team… Tim Chambers
Finally got my HEY invite yay!. Kudos to @basecamp @jasonfried @dhh. wow, great onboarding experience. Albert Sema
I’m 5 days in to using HEY & it is a delight! It requires a mindset shift but the now & later approach results in much less email worry. I love The Feed, it’s like an RSS feed reader for your newsletters. Kudos @dhh, @jasonfried & all the @basecamp team. ❤️📧 Daryl Feehely
So excited to have my HEY email and I love it already! Freedom! Huge thanks @dhh and @jasonfried Yvonne Crocker
Just got my invite… HEY, pretty amazing! ❤️👍 Great job and I love the design work you have done!! @dhh @jasonfried @basecamp #HeyEmail Tommy Back
Fresh new inbox!! Just got my #heyinvite and I’m so excited for email that I love instead of dread. Thanks @dhh Meghan Gaffney
Today, with 11 days left on my 14 day trial, I purchased my one year subscription to HEY Just took me a few days to know that email is being changed for the better. Thanks @dhh and @jasonfried Micah Malloy
Loving HEY. Finally have a sense of sanity and order and I’m now able to handle the deluge. Not treating all emails as equal and creating different surfaces and formats (feed, paper trail, Imbox) to presort and consume emails makes a lot of sense. Akshay Bhandary
It looks like an absolutely brilliant product, can’t wait to try it out. On step towards changing the world. Wishing you all the best! Glenn André
I just screened out my first email using HEY, and the feeling I got knowing I would never see that noise again in my Imbox is worth the $99/year. Thanks @dhh + @jasonfried. Andre Plaut
Gotta say everything @jasonfried, @dhh, and their team do is consistently clear, intentional, and thought-through. It shows from their marketing copy to their onboarding UX. Stephen Ou
I just screened out my first email using HEY, and the feeling I got knowing I would never see that noise again in my Imbox is worth the $99/year. Thanks @dhh + @jasonfried. Andre Plaut
Finally have had a chance to try HEY @basecamp’s privacy-first email service. It’s a fascinating product. And so crazy fast that it even makes some of my recent web apps already antiquated. Kudos to @dhh @jasonfried and the team. Koichi Hirano
As someone with a mild OCD to unread emails, this will prove to be a blessing. You don’t know yet @jasonfried and @dhh, but you guys have created a mental well-being product. 👋 Anyway, see you at tanishq@hey.com Tanishq
Am 3 days into my new life with HEY email. Absolutely LOVE it. Rupert Mitchell
Finally got my invite to HEY email and I am SO excited. The UX and onboarding so far have been great! cc @dhh Brittany Lewis
Why I am giving HEY a shot? Cause I am tired of privacy not being mainstream anymore. People don’t realise how they pay for “free” software. Thanks @dhh @jasonfried 👍 I remember this from my Economics studies: “There is no such a thing as a free lunch” Michael Antczak
Finally got my HEY email invite. Very excited to try it out. I thought my story about still using AOL would get me in earlier 😀, but I’m sure it’s worth the wait. Thanks @dhh @jasonfried! Shane O’Donnell
HEY is what good product design is. Can’t wait to use it with our business domain. Well done (which is an understatement) @jasonfried @dhh @rjs @basecamp Joeri Van Cauteren
Absolutely LOVE what you guys have done with HEY! Feels like the first true evolution of email since… ever? Mike Schmitz
I received my HEY invite and I am appreciating the simplicity right away. The idea of “permission email” is via the screener gives me hope that I will one day join the inbox zero community. Well, IMbox Zero. Thank you @jasonfried and the @basecamp team. Corporate domains? ElliotOneT
Omg omg omg!! I’ve been (im)patiently awaiting entrance into HEY and just got my invite! This is like Christmas!!! @jasonfried Kimberly Rhodes
Just spend my first 5 minutes scrolling through the HEY #feed and it’s delightfully stress free. Unlike all of those other newsletters I wanted to go back and read that were stacking up in my inbox. The feed delivers on the promise. Thanks @jasonfried & @dhh J. Michael Probert
@dhh @basecamp Excellent work all. Fingers crossed! I’ve been using HEY since Friday. It is bloody marvellous 😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #HeyEmail Ian Robinson
Do you know how many times I’ve dug and dug looking for files my wife sent me via email whenever? I have to go ga-ga over #HEY and the contact pages that come with their email disruption platform! @jasonfried @dhh — you guys are freakin’ brilliant. I can’t even. Steve Harnden
Fully migrated to HEY! The experience has been awesome! The work @dhh and @jasonfried has done is incredible! What a wonderful product! Now, it excites me when something goes in my Imbox because it’s the Important stuff only! Patrick Sanchez
Email has been peaceful since I got on HEY. I’m actually looking forward to new senders so I can deny them forever in The Screener. Thanks, @basecamp @jasonfried @dhh Bruno Wong
Spy tracker blocking in HEY email… This was a feature I didn’t know I even wanted, but it might be one of my favorite things about HEY (there’s a lot of cool features)! Great job ⁦@jasonfried⁩, ⁦@dhh⁩, and the team ⁦@basecamp⁩! Jason Mitchell
HEY gives you control over your email (over WHO can email you for instance but that’s not all) as well as privacy. Those are features email never had before. Using a different service feels icky and clunky now. 👏👏👏 @dhh @jasonfried Kahlil Lechelt
… I decided to give #HEY a try and I must say I’m loving it so far! Thanks to the invite from @autonathan — I’ve been able to forward six other emails to my HEY Imbox and use some great sorting / category features… DoubleGate
Product onboarding to HEY is just perfect 👌 I’ve never been so excited about the email. Thank you @basecamp @jasonfried and @dhh for making email relevant again. Dmitry Ko.
The user onboarding for #HEY is unreal. It’s a masterclass in user-adoption. @jasonfried and team made us all so thirsty to use the product, are giving us a taste, and they’re ensuring when my trial ends, I don’t go anywhere. Take my money! Steve Harnden
Wow, all I can say is #hey is the future of email. I’ve been with @gmail since it’s inception and was ready for a clean break. @jasonfried, thanks to you and the HEY team! I will pass on forwarding the junk to this new and wonderful experience! Steve Harnden
Ohh HEY! Thank you @jasonfried and team for building a better user experience for all things email. #HEY Alicia Brainerd
Congratz! I am constantly refreshing my “inbox” and checking for the HEY invite mail (also checking the spam folder, just in case)… but still no luck :-/ Have fun and tell us what you think about that service :-) Phreeksta
Got my dream user name with HEY and am already in love with the user experience. You guys rock. Thank you @dhh @jasonfried and team. Silke Zanker
Beautiful onboarding for HEY But can you recognize a revolutionary product after using it for 5 minutes? Email never looked this fresh. Thanks @dhh and @jasonfried for waving the hand good-bye to all those bad inbox habits that started more than 20 years ago. Martin Ruegenberg
@dhh and @jasonfried —hey is the BEST email ever. You thought of things I didn’t even know I needed but am so grateful for, like this 👇 LOVE. Thank you! Meghan Hartman
I have been using HEY for 10 days as my personal email service/client, and every day I fall in love with it more. It’s how I’ve always wanted email to work. Keith Calder
@jasonfried @dhh set up my HEY email today and it’s fantastic. Y’all have done something I didn’t think was possible – transported me back to the 90s. That was the last time I was excited about email, when the little up flag on my AOL inbox icon meant something new and exciting. Hilary Lee
I love using HEY so far. It’s everything I didn’t know I wanted in email. Thank you for being ambitious enough to build this great product @dhh @jasonfried @basecamp Please have a wonderful relaxing weekend :) Sol Tran
If anyone would have asked me a month ago if I would pay 123 USD (including the European VAT charge) for email, I would have laughed. But I just paid for it. HEY is much more than email. It’s an experience. I get Apple-feels. The future is now. Glenn André V. Bøe
Been giving HEY a go for last 8 days. This weeks Screen Time report from my iPhone shows a massive 41% screen time reduction in time spent on emails! That’s awesome! DarkKnight
HEY! @jasonfried @dhh After 1 week I decided to sign up today. I was looking at my Imbox and after a solid 7 days I have only a dozen emails in there. Everything else is filtered away, out of sight, unless I need it. Such a fundamentally different experience. Well done. 👌🏼 Paul Carpenter
Day is over. Checked HEYmail w/o friction. Shit is stupid-good. Replied where needed. Took me 9 mins. I’m sure there’s lots of email in my Feed, but I don’t care… at all. To @jasonfried, @dhh and the @basecamp team, thanks for another piece of software that makes my day lighter. Snapper Cridge
Proud to be on HEY A huge 👏🏻 to @dhh @jasonfried and the @basecamp team! What you’ve done is amazing, and it’s just the beginning 🚀 Cyril Blaecke
Hats off to @jasonfried & @dhh for making email fun again with HEY — I’m only 3 days in and couldn’t be more satisfied. Design on point. Oli
Finally got my HEY invite. It looks much better than I imagined. I believe a lot of hard work @basecamp went into creating this. Congrats on a perfectly executed job @dhh @jasonfried Berislav Babic
I just received the HEY invite. What a incredible product! Well done @dhh @jasonfried, well done! Peterson F. dos Santos
It is hands down the best thing that has happened to email in 16 years. Happily paid for this more calming mail experience. Kudos to the entire team! Tim Ceuppens
The “note to self” and “set aside” features of HEY are awesome. Oh, who am I kidding, every feature is awesome! @basecamp @jasonfried @dhh Chuck Williams
My HEY invite code has finally arrived! What can I say? It’s beautiful, fresh & intuitive. I love the web version & iOS native app, both looks amazing (fonts, UI). Guys, you know how to build a product — stunning work! Thank you, thank you, thank you! @dhh @jasonfried Pawel Mikler
Just got an invite to HEY from a friend and i already love it! There are so much useful yet simple features that make this product simply awesome! Congrats @jasonfried @dhh and the team 👏👏 Michele Mari
It’s completely crazy to me that the question “how should we treat this sender?” Is vastly superior to “how should we treat this email?”, and it took decades to arrive there. Thanks for blowing my mind @dhh @jasonfried. Hard to describe how good HEY is! Nate Silva
Finally got my invitation and was able to snag my first name @ HEY Super smooth onboarding and some great ideas implemented that truly change the email game. Thanks @dhh, @jasonfried, and the entire dev team @basecamp. Great work & best of luck with @Apple! Sascha Wagentrotz
Wow, the onboarding in HEY is fantastic. I like how it prompts you when you get incoming messages to learn how to use the product. So you learn to use the product by using it! I’m very excited for this service. Congrats on the launch @dhh @jasonfried Elise Shaffer
HEY is what email should have been a 10ys ago! I’m checking HEY every so often as: 1) bad habits from previous experience with messed up notifications and 2) because I love to screen & sort things out! Thanks to @basecamp @jasonfried @dhh for making it and @yovko for the invite! Haralan Dobrev
@jasonfried & @dhh – got my HEY invite! It’s so clean and simple. It’s nice to have a valid alternative to other services. Congrats to the team for getting this out and working 👏 Jeremy Jackson
I gotta be honest, I came into HEY extremely skeptical, but this is a true next-level email experience so far @dhh @jasonfried Trey Goff
I had the worst email habits. HEY was the elixir. Thanks @jasonfried & @dhh HEY shows you how much unwanted junk you actually receive. Now they’re gone, without having to dig through 100s of emails to unsub. Tabansi
HEY is definitely a game changer, I explore a lot of features and I am so satisfied how this change my email experience. Thanks again @dhh @jasonfried, I really appreciate the efforts your team put on this product. Arman Gian Argamosa
Truly trend setting product by @jasonfried at HEY it. At times I feel — why did @google and @microsoft did not think of this yet. But then, as you grow big, the momentum goes against you at times. Must try. Note: Jason has not paid me for this tweet! Jabhishek Rungta
Okay. I’ve been using @jasonfried, @dhh and their wonderful team’s HEY email solution for roughly five hours now. I already have my bajillion email addresses forwarding to it. I am excited to receive / use email for the first time in about 20 years. Holy F. Killinski
I sat down with my usual iced coffee & watched this walkthrough of HEY this morning. Mind = blown! Email has been a stagnant beast for so many years, and @jasonfried & the @basecamp team completely reimagined it the way it should be! Check it out: HEY Sam Hulick
The paradigm shift is incredible! There is a before and after #HEY. To this day, no one has ever challenged and in an innovative way, things that we simply accepted from bad email programs like Outlook. Thanks @jasonfried and @dhh Nuno Conceição
Thrilled to have my HEY invite. This is awesome! @jasonfried The onboarding is amazing. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt THIS excited for a product 😍 Marcelo T. Prado
HEY has changed this upside down. It’s ridiculous! I have so much free time on my hand now. It’s disturbing to think how much time I wasted achieving Inbox Zero. No more variable rewards. Now I own Email rather than it owns me. Mayank Jain
@jasonfried I’ve never wanted new email to show up in my inbox until today. Got my invite this morning. The utility and beauty of HEY is stunning. Jonathan R. Bailey
You had me at “You ALWAYS pay for email”. If it’s a choice between a paid subscription or my privacy and personal information, then I choose @heyhey. Oh, and email doesn’t suck anymore, yay 🙌 Warren Tobias
After using HEY you realize how messy Gmail actually is 😂 thanks for such a well thought product @dhh @jasonfried Nizar
Just watched the tour of HEY by @jasonfried. It’s indeed mind-blowing and I can’t wait to get my invite to ditch Gmail’s ass for good. Thanks @basecamp for building another great product that will last until the end of the internet! 🙌 Take the tour HEY. Raul
HEY, from @basecamp @dhh @jasonfried , is incredible. Using it feels so warm & human, focused on your privacy (no spy pixels!), and re-imagines email to be intuitive again (The Feed and Paper Trail) Feels like 16 years ago when Gmail changed email forever. Don MacAskill
There has been a lot hype around HEY the last couple of months and yeah… This looks freaking amazing! So many little tweaks fixing everything wrong with email. Well done @dhh, @jasonfried and the rest of the team! Viktor Nyblom
I haven’t been so excited about any new software product for a while. But HEY looks amazing. 👏 Ashkan Roshanayi
This is unreal. Email now has a new identity. This blows past yahoo, Gmail, and every other email service on every thing. I can’t wait for my invite. Big kudos to @jasonfried @dhh and everyone at @basecamp. Email will now be fun to use. Joe Davini
Trying out HEY — looks super cool with a powerful underlying philosophy about how email should work in the 21st Century. Fantastic work by the incredible team @basecamp. Especially love all the things you don’t get 🥳 Lars Dyrelund
Got a demo of HEY from @jasonfried. As always: Breathtakingly simple (my Dad could be a power user). Complete rethink of the “Job To Be Done”. Timeless, classic design (no trendy BS, will look good in 10 years). Can’t wait for everyone to try it. Andrew Wilkinson
You guys. HEY is a game changer for email and owning your time. A big part of my work is diving into new teams and email gets flooded quickly. @jasonfried, @dhh and their team are changing the foundation for my work and it’s amazing. I’m only on day three! Chantal Ireland
I was trying HEY for around 2 weeks a it looks like I have a new email. Finally I feel like I own the mail box and not the other way around. Erich Stark
Wow, HEY is amazingly awesome email service. I can now totally be in peace of mind. No more irritating emails from unknowns buzzing my notification. Reply Later feature is my favorite. @jasonfried @basecamp @dhh Mohammed Aslam