Forever yours

We’re not here to lock you in, we’re here to help you out.

Even if you choose to leave HEY after you’ve paid for just one year, we’re always and forever on your side.

Your email address is yours forever

If you’ve paid for at least one year of HEY, you get to keep your email address forever. If you decide to cancel, we’ll 1. Preserve your email address so no one else can claim it, and 2. Let you set up a forward from your HEY address to any other email address forever.

The HEY interface for setting up a forwarding

Export all of your email and calendars as often as you want

It’s not ours, it’s yours. So we make it easy to export all of your email and calendars as often as you want to standard-format MBOX and ICS files. You can keep these archived on your computer, or import them into other apps and services that support MBOX and ICS file formats.

Data export options in HEY

Export all of your contacts whenever you want too

Just like with your emails and calendars, you can export all of your contacts at any time. Click the “Export Your Data” option from settings to generate a vCard file that you can import into other email clients or contact managers.

Exported data, ready to download

We hope you’ll want to keep using HEY, but even if you don’t, we’re always here to help. In our world, former customers deserve the same respect as current customers. 🙏❤️