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Just let it flow

For years, email apps have encouraged us to constantly clean up after ourselves — to archive or delete things as we go. HEY thinks that’s old school. Welcome to the new school.

Eliminate the obligation

In 2004, Gmail introduced archiving to email. In principle, keeping things clean by getting stuff out of your way sounds like a good idea. However, in practice, you had to do all the work.

Now every email came with an obligation. Reading it — or simply ignoring it — wasn’t enough. You also had to delete it, archive it, or file it away. And if you didn’t, you’d be shamed by an unmanagable wall of email, a cluttered, uncontrollable inbox. Why have we put up with this for so long?

Time’s on your side

HEY takes a different approach. HEY says let it flow! Read it, reply to it, ignore it, whatever — then just move on. HEY eliminates the obligation to archive or delete, and saves you the hassle of constantly cleaning up after yourself. Let time do the busy work for you, you’ve already got enough on your plate.

This is the modern way, modeled after social media newsfeeds. You don’t delete or archive a Tweet, a Facebook post, an Instagram photo, or a LinkedIn update after you see it. You just read it and move on. New stuff appears at the top, and the old stuff just gets pushed down over time.

In HEY, you'll see this modern Let It Flow philosophy at play in The Imbox, in The Feed, and in The Paper Trail. Here’s how...

The Imbox

After you read a new email in the Imbox, it drops down to “Previously Seen”. Just like a newsfeed, there’s no need to archive or delete it. Recent stuff is at the top for quick access, everything else just fades off over time. Simple.

The Imbox
once you read something,
it goes down here

The Feed

The Feed is modeled after the classic newsfeed. All your newsletters just stack up — the newest at the top. Just scroll down, expand whatever you want to read, skip the ones you don’t, and you’re done. No need to file anything, archive anything, delete anything, or otherwise deal with anything.

The Feed
scroll through; the latest ones are up top like on Twitter or Facebook

The Paper Trail

Receipts, confirmations, and transactions — necessities of the modern world, but also the source of great clutter. Not in HEY! The Paper Trail is an endless stream of digital artifacts. Nothing’s read or unread — they all just exist, like a stack on your desk. Except this one’s out of your way, obligation free.

The Paper Trail
like a digital shoebox; stuff you need to keep, but out of your face

We know it’s hard to break old habits — especially when you’re used to archiving or deleting everything. It may take a while to adjust to the Let It Flow philosophy. But once you give it some time, and come to see how it lightens your load, you’ll have a hard time imagining email working any other way.

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