Magical calendar experience indeed
Makes scheduling surprisingly fun
Excellent flow and thoughtful design

Make your day

The all-new HEY Calendar puts time on your side.

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Week after week, not month after month

People think in days and weeks, not months. What’s tomorrow? Later this week? Next week? The HEY Calendar is built around how you think, not how paper calendars were designed.

Time never stops, life is like a filmstrip

Life doesn’t look like a boxy calendar, it feels like a filmstrip. HEY Calendar’s timeline-based day view is designed to tell the continuous story of your life, one moment flowing into the next.

Habits, time tracking, highlights, photos

Establish a habit, stick with it. Track time spent on any activity. Circle important events so they stand out. Fill your days with pictures, memories, or moments — not just events.

“Sometime this week” mimics real life

Need to get an oil change? Get some cash from the ATM? Write a thank you note? Maybe this week or next, just not exactly sure when you’ll have a chance? HEY knows “maybe” is a real thing.

Get to know your freetime

You don’t add things to your calendar, you carve them out from your freetime. The HEY Calendar highlights long uninterrupted blocks of freetime so you can look forward to nothing.

There’s plenty more

The HEY Calendar is a full-featured calendar with many original twists on common — and not so common — conventions. Soon you’ll wonder why all calendars don’t work like this.

  • Import from Google, Outlook, and Apple
  • Share calendars with other HEY users
  • Add events directly from email invites
  • Full multi-timezone support
  • Set countdowns for anticipated events
  • Use Day Labels to add context to days
  • Set up color-coded sub-calendars
  • Flexible reminders so you don’t miss out

On the go for iOS and Android

And be sure to grab the HEY Calendar mobile app for iOS and Android. It’s separate from the HEY Email app.