New For You & Previously Seen

Inboxes are often an intertwined mess of new and old messages haphazardly mixed together. Yuck. With HEY, new messages are always grouped together at the top, and previously seen emails are always at the bottom. It’s neat, it’s predictable, it’s orderly, and it’s automatic in HEY.

Is New For You and Previously Seen available in The Feed and the Paper Trail too?

New For You and Previously seen are unique to the Imbox. There’s no notion of read or unread in The Feed or the Paper Trail. Emails in those boxes simply exist without any obligations or categorization.

If I’ve seen a thread, but a new email comes in, where will it show up?

Whenever a new email comes into your Imbox, the thread jumps back up into New For You so you don’t miss it. Look at it, and it’ll slide back down into Previously Seen again.

If I’ve seen it, can I mark it new again?

Yup, you can move emails between New For You and Previously Seen whenever you want.

If I know what it is, but don’t need to see it, can I mark it seen without reading it?

Yes you can. Just click the avatar at the beginning of the row and then tap the “Mark Seen” button from the action menu that pops up.