Quiet by default,
loud at your discretion

HEY push notifications are off by default so your phone doesn’t steal your attention every time an inconsequential email hits your Imbox. However, HEY lets you selectively turn them on for specific contacts or threads so you don’t miss the things you really care about.

What’s a push notification?

A push notification is visual message, often accompanied with a sound, that pops up on your desktop computer, phone, or other device letting you know something just happened. They’re useful when you want them, but really annoying when you don’t (and most of the time you don’t).

If I don’t get a notification, how do I know there’s a new email for me?

Every new email you get in your Imbox lands in the New For You section. Whenever you check your email you’ll see these right up at the top. You’ll never miss a thing. Notifications are ways to alert you to an email from someone, or about something, when you aren’t looking at your email.

Can I turn on icon badges for unread or important emails?

By design, HEY doesn’t support icon badges. We want HEY to help you focus on what’s important right now, and unread indicators get in the way of that.