Find files without
digging through threads

If you’re looking for an attachment, why should you have to find an email first? That’s backwards. With HEY, you get an attachment library that gathers up every attachment you’ve ever received in one organized, siftable place.

Can I show just certain types of files?

Yes. You can show just images, PDFs, calendar invites, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, media, or zip files.

Can I show files from a specific person?

Sure can. And you can use the file type filter at the same time. “Images from Bob”, “spreadsheets from Carol”, etc.

Can I see which thread the file is from?

Absolutely. Under the file name, and between the file size and date, you’ll see the name of the thread. Clicking that will drop you right on the thread, exactly where the file was first attached, for complete context.

What about images in email signatures?

We hide all that stuff. No tiny social media icons, no company logos, no lovely portraits of the real estate agent. No junk — just real file attachments, PDFs, spreadsheets, media files, large images, etc.