The Speakeasy code

Sometimes you give someone your email at a conference — maybe a prospect, maybe a vendor — and you want to be sure to know when they email you. With HEY, you can give them your special Speakeasy code. If they include that code in the subject, their email will bypass the screener and be given special treatment in your Imbox so you don’t miss it.

What if someone guesses my code or my code gets out?

You can always regenerate a new code anytime. If someone tries to use an old code, you’ll still get their email just fine, they just won’t be fast-tracked through as a special Speakeasy sender.

Does the code have to be at the beginning of the subject?

Nope, anywhere in the subject will do as long as it’s on its own. For example, if your code is Red87, then Red87 has to be an independent word in the subject — it can’t be yoRed87 or Red87abc.