Spread ’em out, read ’em together

Let’s say you have 7 unread emails. Why do you have to open one, close one, open one, close one, open one, close one, and so on. It’s ridiculously inefficient. With HEY, you can open multiple emails at once and just scroll through them, just like you would a newsfeed. It’s a revolutionary way to read your emails. You’ll never go back to the old way.

Why not just open a bunch of tabs?

You certainly can do that, but that would be worse. Multiple tabs means you can’t just scroll down through separate emails. You have to bounce from one tab to another. With HEY’s “Read Together” feature, you can put as many separate emails on a single page as you’d like and just scroll through them one after another. It’s different, it’s better.

Can I read any emails together, or just new ones?

Any emails in the Imbox can be read together. Just select as many as you’d like by tapping the avatar at the front of each row. Then, select “Read Together” from the action bar that pops up. Voilà.

Can I print out multiple emails this way?

Definitely — it’s one of the great things about this feature. Need to bring 5 emails with you to a meeting? “Read Together”, print once. Done.