Link accounts and see all your email in one place

If you have multiple HEY accounts — like one for personal use and one for work — you can view them together without having to log in and out. Personal emails are marked with a ▲, work ones with a ◼️.

Link accounts and see all your email in one place

As many as you’d like. You could link up three HEY for You personal accounts, two HEY for You accounts and one HEY for Domains account, or just two HEY for Domains accounts. Whatever combo floats your boat.

Yes, you can always unlink an account so it returns to a standalone separate account. When you unlink you’ll need to set up a new password again for the separated account, but otherwise all returns to the way it was.

Can I view one account at a time?

Yup, you can select any account from your avatar menu (top right corner) to only see emails from that account. It’s great if you just want to focus on work (or personal stuff) for a while without anything else getting in your way.

Can I add accounts that aren’t HEY accounts?

No — we only support linking HEY for You and HEY for Domains accounts. You can always forward email in from another service into one of your HEY accounts, but you can’t link up an external account.