Just set it aside

Sometimes you get emails you need to reference later — travel info, handy links, numbers you need, etc. With HEY, you can “Set Aside” any email in a neat little pile for easy access whenever you need it. At hand, but out of your face.

Is this like starring or flagging in other apps?

Sorta kinda, but not really. Typically when you star or flag an email, it gets a little icon to set it apart, but it remains mixed in with everything else. That’s messy. With HEY, when you set an email aside, it goes down into its own neat little pile in a predictable place at the bottom of the screen. Now you know exactly where it is when you need it, and it’s never in the way when you don’t.

Can I see all the emails I set aside?

Yup. Just click the pile and it fans out, revealing everything in the pile. You can click any individual email to jump right to it, or you can click the “Set Aside Board” button under the pile to see all your set aside emails previewed on a single screen.

How do I take something out of the stack?

There are a few ways, depending on where you are. If you’re looking at the pile in the Imbox, just click the pile to fan it up, then click the avatar at the beginning of the email. Then select “Done” in the action bar that pops up (or hit “I” on your keyboard). That’ll move the email out of the pile and back into the Imbox. Or, if you’re actually reading the email, click the “Set Aside” button in the bar at the bottom of the screen to toggle it off.