Share an email via a link

With HEY, you can share a direct link to any email thread with anyone you’d like — even if they don’t use HEY. They’ll see the whole thread, and any future emails/replies sent to that thread, all on a nicely formatted single page.

Yup — a link to an email in HEY is like sharing a link to a file on Dropbox. Anyone with the link can see the thread, even if they aren’t on the thread, part of the account, etc. It’s such a pleasant way to show someone an email without having to forward it. Just text them a link instead.

No. Only people on the actual email thread can participate in the thread, reply to emails, etc. Someone with the link can just see the thread.

Why use this instead of forwarding?

For a few reasons. For one, forwarding emails is a mess. It typically messes with the formatting, indents emails, and makes them look pretty terrible. With HEY links, the thread looks great — just as you’d see it in HEY. Secondly, often times you want to share an email but not by email. With HEY links, you can share a link via text, WhatsApp, Signal, iMessage, in a document, wherever. It’s the better way to share.