Focus & Reply: Line ’em up,
knock ’em down

You’ve finally got 30 minutes to knock out the 12 emails that need a reply. But new stuff keeps popping into your inbox. It’s so hard to focus! But not with HEY. HEY allows you to “Focus & Reply” which only shows you emails you’ve marked “Reply Later”. And then it lets you reply to one after another without having to look back at your Imbox. It’s amazing.

What if I choose not to reply?

No problem — you can take any email out of the Reply Later queue whenever you’d like. Emails you pull out will go right back into your Imbox.

Do I have to reply to all the emails when I’m in Focus & Reply mode?

Nope — you can pick and choose. Knock out 5 of 12, or all 12, or none! Whatever you reply to will be removed from the queue, and whatever you don’t will be there for the next time you’re ready to reply.