Bundle dominating
senders into one line

It’s frustrating when a service floods your email with notifications. With HEY, you can bundle any sender’s emails together. No matter how many emails they send you, they’ll only take up a single row in your Imbox or Paper Trail.

Can I bundle anywhere in HEY?

You can bundle anyone, but bundles are an Imbox- and Paper Trail-only feature. The Feed doesn’t offer bundling.

Does this apply to services as well?

Yes. People, services, bots, whatever. Get a lot of emails from Basecamp? Bundle them. GitHub? Bundle them. Any sender can be bundled into a single row so they never overwhelm your Imbox.

How do I turn on bundling for a contact?

Go to the contact’s page and select the “Delivering to…” menu under the contact’s name. Next, select Imbox. Then, at the bottom of the menu, select the “Bundled up” button.

How do I just see new emails in a bundle?

If there are new emails in a bundle, clicking the bundle will show all the new emails on a single page. If there aren’t any new emails in the bundle, you’ll go straight to the contact page showing all emails sent by that contact.

Can I bundle multiple senders into a single line?

Not yet. Maybe eventually.