Exclusive to HEY for Domains

Collaborate without
the CCs and side-threads

Teams use email to collaborate all the time, but it’s frustrating at best. CC’s, FWD’s, and side threads make all but the simplest conversations a hassle to piece back together. With HEY, you can share any thread with other people on your team, and they’ll see the whole conversation plus any future replies. You can even add private comments that only your team can see, ensuring that the entire conversation is always in one place.

Can I share a thread with someone who isn’t technically “on the email”?

Absolutely — and it feels like a huge level up. You can show any co-worker a thread, and they can follow along even if they aren’t a recipient on the email. This is great for looping-in a resource, having backchannel conversations about the larger conversation, or bringing someone into the fold without having to forward a bunch of old stuff in a terrible, indented format.

Can we discuss the thread internally without sending emails externally?

Yup! Threads allow for private notes and backchannel conversations without sending an email to anyone on the outside. This way you can discuss responses or replies with teammates prior to sending the actual reply. Or upload reference files to the thread that weren’t attached to any email. Private comments show up as blue blocks in the thread.

Will every teammate on a thread see the notes that I add?

Yes. Everyone on the thread will see any private note a teammate adds.

If I add someone to a thread later, will they see all the past emails?

Yes. They’ll see the entire story, start to finish. It’s a quick, easy way to get someone up to speed.