E pluribus unum

Doesn’t it suck when someone emails you separate threads about the same thing? Yup! With HEY, you can merge separate emails into one so you can keep everything together on a single page. No more dealing with fragmented conversations across separate threads.

What’s the name of the newly merged thread?

You get to call it whatever you want. Before merging, we suggest a title based on the longer thread, but you get to rename it anything you’d like. It’s your email, after all.

Does this mess up anything for the other person?

Nope. Even though multiple threads will be conveniently merged together into one for you, nothing changes for the other person emailing you. They’ll still have multiple threads on their end. But no matter which one they reply to, their responses will come into the single, organized, merged thread on your end.

Can I un-merge or split a thread?

No, once multiple threads are merged into one, they’re one for good. Essentially, merged threads are monogamous for life. And BTW, we make sure you confirm you understand this before merging a thread — that way there’s no chance you’ll do this by accident.