Screen emails like you screen calls

You screen your calls, so why can’t you screen your emails? With HEY, you can. HEY puts you in complete control of who’s allowed to email you. The first time someone emails you, you get to decide if you want to hear from them again.

How is this different from a spam filter?

HEY also has a spam filter which every email hits before it hits The Screener, but plenty of people/services email you who would never be considered spam. A newsletter someone else signed you up for, a salesperson reaching out to inquire, a friend of a friend’s uncle’s brother’s neighbor who got your email address somehow. The Screener puts you in control of who’s allowed to email you — and who isn’t.

Can I change my mind?

Absolutely. HEY’s Screener History shows you who’ve you screened out and lets you screen them back in if you’d like. You can screen people out after the fact too. And if you screen them in after having screened them out, we’ll show you any email they sent you within the last 90 days.

Are people notified if I screen them out?

Nope, HEY doesn’t send anything back to the sender — your decision is private. To them it’s no different than if you never responded to their email.