Put receipts in the Paper Trail

Receipts, confirmations, and transactional emails getting in your way? With HEY, you can send those types of emails to the Paper Trail where they’ll be out of your way, but easy to find when you need them.

How does HEY know when to put email in the Paper Trail?

You decide. For every sender, you get to pick where their emails should go. Either The Imbox, The Feed, or the Paper Trail. Once you set that up, every new email that person/service sends will land in the proper place.

Can I choose on an email-by-email basis?

Yes. From the Imbox, you can select any email (by clicking the avatar at the beginning of a row) and selecting “Move to Paper Trail”.

Can I change my mind later?

Absolutely. You can change where someone’s email lands whenever you’d like. HEY will move all existing emails from that contact to the new destination as well.