Custom domains for all

While we think makes for a great email address, you can also use HEY with a custom email address at your own domain name. It’s called HEY for Domains.

Fit for personal or business use

HEY for Domains works with just a single user (you), or multiple users in a family or business setting. You can start with just you and stay there, or add multiple users whenever you’d like. Multi-user accounts can take additional advantage of collaboration features like Thread Sharing and Collections.

How is this different from HEY for Work?

It’s the same thing. We’ve renamed HEY for Work to HEY for Domains. If you were already using HEY for Work in order to use your own custom domain name, you’re already all set. However, as a bonus, we’ve lowered the price for the first user in your account. See the next FAQ.

What does it cost?

HEY for Domains is $12/user/month, but we credit back $2/month for the first user. That means if you’re using HEY for Domains by yourself, it’s just $10/month. If you’re using it with 3 people, it’s $34/month ($10 + $12 + $12), and so on.

Already have a email address?

If you already have a address, and would prefer to use your own domain name instead, you have two choices:

  1. You can keep both accounts, and get a combo-account discount so you don’t have to pay full price for both accounts (here’s how to get the discount). You can also link up your multiple accounts and get all your email in one place — it’s great.
  2. You can cancel your account and forward future emails sent to your old address to your new custom domain email address. Note, when you cancel you’ll lose access to any emails stored in your cancelled account.

Can I convert my account?

No, HEY for Domains requires setting up a separate account. You can link up your multiple accounts if you’d like, but you can’t turn one account into another account. There are no upgrades or downgrades between account types as they’re entirely different accounts.

Is there a family plan option?

You’re free to use HEY for Domains with your family (many families already do), but we don’t currently offer a discounted option for family use. We may down the road, but we haven’t made any decisions yet, so there’s nothing more we can share at this time.

How to get the combo-account discount

If you want a account and a HEY for Domains account, and you signed up for your account prior to April 22, 2021, you qualify for a special discount. Here’s how to get it:

  1. YOU: Make sure your account is paid up and in good standing.
  2. YOU: Sign up for a HEY for Domains account and complete the entire setup process. Your account has to be paid for and running in order to claim the discount.
  3. YOU: Email with the subject "Combo Discount" and include a note with both your current address and your custom domain email address.
  4. US: We will confirm your accounts are paid up and in good standing, and then apply a $8/month credit to your HEY for Domains account as long as your remains paid up.
  5. US: We will periodically check to make sure your account is still paid and active. If you cancel your account, you will lose the $8/month discount.

As long as everything above is true, you’ll pay a total of $123/year for both accounts. That’s $99/year for your account + $2/month for your single-user HEY for Domains account ($10/month as a solo user - $8/month discount for paying for your account).

Remember: This combined account discount offer is only available for customers who signed up for a account prior to April 22, 2021. Customers signing up for two accounts after that will pay the full listed price for both accounts.