Work it!

Take our groundbreaking HEY email service, add a special collection of work-specific features, and you get HEY for Domains; email designed with your company in mind.

HEY for Domains

Email for companies or individuals who
want to use their own custom domain name

Just $12 per user,
per month
Get started with HEY for Domains

HEY for Domains includes:

The best of HEY, and then some
Each user gets everything included in the HEY for You plan, except for a email address and a personal blog

$2/month first-user discount
The first user — you — is only $10/month, the rest are $12/month
Custom domain
Send and receive emails using your own domain name
Centralized billing and account management for your team
Thread sharing
Add people to threads instead of cc’ing and forwarding
Private team comments
Private thread comments keep the entire story in one place
Email aliases
Set up aliases like support@ that go to multiple people