Exclusive to HEY for You

Add private “notes to self”
to any email thread

Conversations may start in email, but they may continue somewhere else. Some emails turn into lunches or calls or video conferences. Where do you put the notes from those — especially if they relate to the initial email conversation? With HEY, you can add personal, private notes (and files) to any thread. This way you keep everything related to the conversation on one page, even if it didn’t all happen via email.

Can other people see these notes?

Nope — these are just for you. They’re entirely private.

Can I add multiple notes to an email thread?

Yup — you can add as many as you want. One after another, notes between emails, whatever works for you.

You say I can add files too?

We did, and you can. You can even drag them in from your desktop (if you’re on a desktop computer), or paste in images from your clipboard.