Send from an external
email address using SMTP

Now you can send email from your address plus external email addresses, domains hosted elsewhere, work accounts on other systems, etc.

Send from an external email address using SMTP

Great! How do I turn this on?

Log into your HEY account, click your Avatar in the top right corner, then select “Account Setup”. Next, select “Forwarding & Sending” and follow the simple step-by-step directions. Note that if you have multiple HEY accounts linked together, you’ll see a “Forwarding & Sending” option for each account.

Does this work with all email services or custom domains?

Most, with a few key exceptions. We support the SMTP standard with basic username/password authentication. That means services with more complicated authentication requirements or restrictions, and some Office 365 setups, unfortunately won’t work. You can email anyone in the world with your address.

SMTP… does that mean I can check external email accounts too?

No — SMTP is an open standard protocol for sending email, it’s unrelated to checking email. Checking an external email account would require IMAP support, which HEY doesn’t offer. You can forward email in from external services to your own HEY account, but HEY doesn’t check/fetch email on external services (like Google, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.).