Fix bad subjects
without busting threads

If you don’t start the thread, you’re often stuck with other people’s generic, non-descriptive email subjects. With HEY, you can rename a subject so it makes sense for you without changing things for the other person.

Does renaming a subject change it for everyone?

No, everyone else will see the original subject name, so renaming a thread won’t break anyone’s threading or expectations on their end. Renaming is purely for your convenience (and sanity).

Why not just change the subject for everyone?

You could, but it would be quite jarring for everyone else. And then what if someone else changed it after that? Now it’s changed for you again. This is disorienting and unnecessary. With HEY, you just rename it for yourself once and it’ll always stay that way for you no matter what anyone else does.

Can I still see the original subject?

Yes. When you click the subject to rename it, we’ll show you the original subject as well.