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Forwarding email out of HEY

Here are some aspects of email forwarding that you should know when configuring HEY to forward your email out, especially if you’re doing this after closing your paid account or if you’re adding an extension that forwards to an external address in your HEY for Domains account.

Let’s start with our general advice: you shouldn’t rely on forwarding alone for critical or very important emails. If you close your account, you can set up forwarding so you won’t miss anything if someone accidentally sends emails to your old address, but this is not meant to be actively used in perpetuity. You should move any important services where you still have your account configured to use an active email address instead.

If you have a HEY For Domains account and you need to receive critical mail in any of your domain addresses, configure it as a regular user or extension instead of an external extension. As a regular user, you can still forward to an external address while being able to log in and access emails directly.

Here’s why:

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