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Email’s new heyday

Email sucked for years. Not anymore — we fixed it. HEY’s fresh approach transforms email into something you want to use, not something you’re forced to deal with.

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People *really* like HEY.

Tens of thousands of people have already made the switch from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and other email services.

In positive news, seems to have finally solved email (!!!). Been using it several weeks and no longer dealing with spam, long lists of “unread” messages, or sorting out annoying but important docs. The relief is so real 🙌

Darya Rose avatar Darya Rose

If you designed email from scratch such that it vigorously protected your privacy and your time, this is what it would look like. I think you’re going to love it. 🏆

Mike Davidson avatar Mike Davidson

Just logged into my new email and love how elegant, intuitive and intentional the platform is. Definitely retiring my gmail account. @jasonfried, can you guys rethink social media next?

Tracy Goodheart avatar Tracy Goodheart is the most exciting app I’ve used in years. A complete rethinking of email, full of bold, brilliant ideas. Highly recommended. Not only for the product itself, but because its boldness will inspire you to question your assumptions and think differently.

Adrian Holovaty avatar Adrian Holovaty

I just got an early demo of Hey from @jasonfried. I can confirm this will be my new default email over Gmail… it’s a beautiful rethinking of everything wrong with email. I can’t wait for you all to play with it soon.

Kevin Rose avatar Kevin Rose

Let me tell ya’ll something: Hey is going to change the way we use email. Bye-bye Gmail. Helllooooo Hey.

Kris, MBA avatar Kris, MBA

Happy to say that is every bit as clever as I expected, a radical rethinking of email and dramatically better in a dozen ways. (And because it’s by the @basecamp team, I know it won’t get swallowed up by BigTechCo a month after launch.)

Andy Baio avatar Andy Baio is a game changer for email and owning your time. A big part of my work is diving into new teams and email gets flooded quickly. @jasonfried, @dhh and their team are changing the foundation for my work and it’s amazing.

Chantal Ireland avatar Chantal Ireland

Just got a demo of with @jasonfried. ❤️ the level of product thinking that’s gone into rebuilding email from scratch.

Ryan Hoover avatar Ryan Hoover

There’s plenty more where those came from. Keep reading the nice things people are saying about HEY.

Hey everyone—

I’m Jason, CEO here at 37signals.

Email gets a bad rap, but it shouldn’t. Email’s a treasure.

It feels great to get an email from someone you care about. Or a newsletter you enjoy. Or an update from a service you like. That’s how email used to feel all the time.

But things changed.

You started getting stuff you didn’t want from people you didn’t know. You lost control over who could reach you. An avalanche of automated emails cluttered everything up.

And Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Apple just let it happen.

Now email feels like a chore, rather than a joy. Something you fall behind on. Something you clear out, not cherish. Rather than delight in it, you deal with it.

And yet, email remains a wonder. Thanks to email, people across cultures, continents, countries, cities, and communities communicate every day. It’s reliable. It’s simple. It makes it easy for two humans to share their love, and for millions of people to earn a living.

So good news, the magic’s still there. It’s just obscured — buried under a mess of bad habits and neglect. Some from people, some from machines, a lot from email software.

Email deserves a dust off. A renovation. Modernized for the way we email today.

With HEY, we’ve done just that. It’s a redo, a rethink, a simplified, potent reintroduction of email. A fresh start, the way it should be.

HEY is our love letter to email, and we’re sending it to you on the Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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